May 18, 2010

The Tidal Forces of Combat PTSD

Response to Associated Press's "PTSD is Real, PTSD Fraud is Not"

AP say's:
Department of Homeland Security. "They'd rather pay and chase."
Referring to whether or not, we combat veterans, would ever run away from any trouble. Let me spell it out for you, you moron. The reason I have PTSD is because I never once acted on running away, it was 'do what needed to survive' and get out. The situations I was in, had I done what the AP's article insinuates then I would be dead, dead. They dropped the "Dept. of Homeland Security name, really? What does homeland security have to with paying combat veterans service-connected disability?

It is tough to make people understand the mental feats that I have to accomplish within my head and then to have people look at me like I’m crazy is just maddening! Either way it is uncomfortable to be considered a malingerer when your sanity is closely escaping. Statistics have amassed enough for all to see that combat posttraumatic response levels are necessitating something be done now to safeguard what can become to define a generation.

Then we have this genius (Malingering PTSD: Could Certain Soldiers be Faking it?), and he might be, but not on Combat PTSD as his narrative on his credentials entails.
In medicine, things are a bit different. Although doctors might use your self-reported symptoms as a starting point on how to diagnose the medical problem you present with, they can usually followup by ordering a series of laboratory tests to confirm their diagnosis. There is no equivalent for mental health concerns (although there are many paper-and-pencil psychological tests have very good validity when it comes to differential diagnoses; these, however, are rarely used in daily practice).
Apparently any mental health practitioner is just a paper pusher, is that what he really said? What really burns my ass if that we keep having to talk about these same issues. Is PTSD real, uh yeah it haunts me most days and nights. Does your stupidity take a day off? Is it all in your head? Wish you could keep it there too..


  1. You are so right Scott. Like you, my husband's PTSD is real. I'd like to have one of those morons come live with us for just 24 hours and if his hypervigilance, startle response, flashbacks, combat nightmares, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and self medicating with alcohol are not enough to convince them it's real then their opinion isn't worth the paper it's written on.


  2. Scott, can you email me at I have a question. Thanks, Domenica

  3. I sent you an email. If you don not mind sharing a little about what is going on (in the email I mean). I saw that you shut down you blog and that other issues have arose in addition to Combat PTSD.

  4. Well I am the son of Scott A. Lee, and the person mentioned above is a moron I've lived threw the same situation,not the war the after effects and anguish I and my family suffered for years.So back off of it if you do not have experiance first hand, I too witnessed the drugs,alchohalism the narcissim at our pain.I was physically and mentally beatin down for years and years, but my defense for that was turning cold to the world and people in general because of my pain I have been hit dragged across the room screamed at punched and I've had my hair pulled I've been called names.I remember the manic states of panic my parent (Scott Lee) was in at night frantically looking around out the windows and so on then we would start beating not hitting beating her,then I would scream and cuss him out then he woukd come after me then I would run and hide.I was horrified for years many years full of hate and disdain for what I lived threw what my family was put threw all the beatings and lies betrayel and distrust the discord, so do not insult us the victoms with your flawed ideaology.PTSD is real yes how could somebody not suffer after the chaos of war.In my closing statement I wish to say I am now past the hate I let that go shortly after I turned 18 I looked at you and forgave you one day out of the blue for everything you have ever done to me but most of all my brother and mother,it was a massive weight off my shoulders.But know I will never forget it, to all on here what does not kill you makes you stronger.......(sorry if there are any errors I am on a smartphone)

  5. The her above is my mother I should have put that in there.It was senseless beatings for no reason.Is PTSD a hundred percent to blame no, but a big part of it is and yes it is real.

  6. Yes thank you Anthony you are absolutely correct. Well done on a smartphone, we can feel the passion in your voice coming through. My son has grown beyond my years at the age of 22 and now it is time for him to put his talent to

  7. I will place some of this in a post here, ok?

  8. maybe I am dense, but i don't see how anyone could fake PTSD.

  9. It is this insipid expectation that if trauma was supposed to make you stronger then stop talking about in 'good company' I say be gone out of my life if you cannot stand for me to talk of who I am.

    Thats the message I think...


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