May 15, 2010

My Army was Not Your Army and I Thank God for That, PASP(1)

As a Gulf War I veteran, I fought the Iraqi Republican Guard in three campaigns within 100 hours of sustained combat, after, driving three days straight, with no sleep. Yes, seven days with no sleep. I did, because we would not have survived had I not. I took every right turn and even left when needed, but it was the right turn at the time. More than I can count on my hands the decisions I made where either life savers or not.

I was driver of a Bradly Fighting Vehicle on point vehicle for the brigade, my TC and were like Jedi's in communication without saying anything. He imagined it in combat and I did it. The same for our gunner except he was as much a bastard as me but actually had rank too. I saw shit that my captain did not I was eyes to the Captain, my TC, the Gunner, and the 6 Infantryman in the back. While with no rank beyond PFC I actually used personal judgement on when to move my fucking vehicle at least two times, OK probably more than that. All vehicle move off of me, so as I am relaying data on enemy positions, that die by my identifications and how are you supposed to take that home? If my vehicle does not move at the right time people will die, you must watch the ground littered with the previous battle, do not touch what the fuck you do not know anything about. I will kick your ass again, and I fucking mean it.

I retreated twice, right where bombs fucking landed the second before, thats the only reason I did not get in trouble was because I saved lives. Yeah, seriously. My Army was not your Army and I thank God for that.

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  1. Ha ha, one time we were running maneuvers to test battle readiness. I saw a Bradley jump a six foot high sand berm over a single tree, running at 60 miles an hour! Yeah, probably not supposed to tell that. That thing went airborne! My TC came over the line telling me to not even think about, knowing full well that the next opportunity I was doing the same.

    It came, the opportunity and it was beautiful, I was one with my vehicle. I knew everything it could do in that moment, I never would have had those experiences in 'normal' life. The vehicle was now an extension of me and I needed that to save lives. I am a hell of devoted follower of karma and striking a balance.


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