May 28, 2010

PASP(1) Resource Seal of Approval: The Minnesota Model

The Minnesota Model

Brock Hunter has worked hard to capitalize on gathering forces to build upon the momentum he begot belonging to the stable, steady and stern crusade of helping veterans. His calling in life is to help define at which length will we as a Nation will go to help those that went further.

So long story short...veteran killed 27 1/2 peoplein combat (shared credit w/someone else)...and he cannot turn the killing at home he only kills one or two...(no this is not a tale of hero returns home...this is the tale of after he returns to find no help...)

...So, in swoopsBrock Hunter (the Caped Crusader of Combat PTSD), which is he more like? Superman or Batman? While you decide that let me, let you in on some of his creative genius.

Click here to read his Foundational Papers that have sparked a movement...

To deny the frequent connection between combat trauma and subsequent criminal behavior is to deny the evidence and to discard another generation of troubled heroes (Broch Hunter).
Hello, Roman General reporting bringing you the HEADLINE, we bring you Broch making a stand against the man, man...

The Architect of the Minnesota Model

The Architect of the Veterans Court writes,
We have been working hard here in Minnesota on this issue. We passed our veteran sentencing statute here in 2008, making us the second state, after California, to legislatively encourage treatment over incarceration of veterans whose combat trauma played a role in their offense. Since then, we have been active on a national level, working with other states to help them pass similar legislation. Illinois passed a nearly identical law last year and several others have similar legislation in the pipeline.

We are now working to make Minnesota the first state to have statewide veterans courts. In the last several months we have had a working group, made up of judges, prosecutors, a defense lawyer (me), and VA officials, meeting monthly at the Minnesota Supreme Court, to implement this plan. Hennepin County, Minnesota's largest county, will be the first, going active in July. We are also working with Congressman Tim Walz (also a veteran), who is pushing the SERV Act through Congress. The SERV Act would allocate 25 million dollars to states to start veterans courts.

...treat them for their psychological injuries, rather than just throw them in a cage.

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