May 23, 2010

Resource Seal of Approval: The Augusta Model

I believe that there is a model of treatment for Combat Stress is here now in the community. Well, thats what I would like to say but that is not the reality of the situation as it stands on the grounds stateside. If we can duplicate this model in every community then we can begin to help our heroes remain so when they come home.

The Augusta Model: Focusing on Unique Assets, Increasing Information Flow and Coordination and Reintegrating Warriors after Combat
  • The system at that time needed a lot of attention and has had exceptional upgrades
  • Wholly unprepared for the Wave of Combat Stress Responses from veterans returning home with no connection to the community can become dangerous.
  • The Augusta Model has the portability--franchise type expansion--
  • By allocating block funds at the community level
  • For the treatment of combat stress we,
  • Tap into resources already in existence
  • A model of hope and that's what I believe this to be.
  • A piece of the blueprint for addressing this problem
The facts are in the website, track them and you find a trove research...dig in whats keepin ya?

Scott A Lee

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