May 19, 2010

Resource Seal of Approval: Wounded Warrior Care Project

The CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project needs funding to spread throughout the country to aid the soldier and veteran who needs the most urgent care.
  • Shes home now, she has not been trained to battle a force that can overshadow the imagination
  • In your neighborhood a combat mentally disabled veteran needs your help, she has been lost in an alien world where the most mundane things can get her killed
  • We as a nation have been in denial long enough, if we do not act now we will begin to a see major increase in posttraumatic responses from combat veterans within more communities
  • Wounded Warrior Care Project is This website is top notch, it gets my PASP(1) Resource Seal of Approval! ~~Scott A. Lee
Today, one in four veterans will find themselves in need for urgent care and a facility that has the appropriate training and sensitivity to care for our men and women, a one stop shop for veterans and soldiers. These figures taken with the above place todays estimate on levels of combat PTSD today in soldiers and veterans of our nations modern wars at 23%.

Again I say,
Statistics have amassed enough for all to see that combat posttraumatic response levels are necessitating something be done now to safeguard what could become to define a generation.
With a Wounded Warrior Care Project in EVERY community we can begin to heal from the wounds of war, both in person and a nation.

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