May 25, 2010

Castrated Hearts

US Military Veterans of all branches, eras and backgrounds are represented in Castrated Hearts: People Traumatized Shouldering Darkness, a collection of poems and photographs written by veterans which depict the experience of military acquired Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

"These stories have to be told," said contributor Donald Loomis, a Purple Heart recipient who served in Vietnam. Loomis was a Chief Warrant Officer and Army helicopter pilot who states that his six and a half years of service in the military were both the most exciting and most tragic years of his life.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the most devastating affliction that any member of the US military can suffer, whether acquired in or out of combat. PTSD kills people, destroys families, and ruins lives," states Loomis.
My hope is that this book would raise awareness of PTSD throughout the United States. Currently PTSD is a phantom affliction. It's not talked about and is well repressed except for a small arena in the Veteran's Affairs Administration.
Check the book out above and the rest of the Press Release here...

"If people are made more aware of PTSD, they may recognize the difficulties and dangers that US military veterans experience everyday from suffering from PTSD," Loomis further commented. "A veteran's life has value. That veteran has willingly put their life on the line for this country asking for nothing in return except to be treated with dignity, honor and respect. None of our veteran's should ever die because someone neglected their mental health."

Loomis chose the title "Castrated Hearts" because it was the most descriptive term to describe what happened to him after his tour in Vietnam.

Loomis hopes this book would bring to public awareness the devastation of PTSD on veterans and US service members of the armed forces so that increased efforts will be made throughout the US to emphasize the diagnosis, treatment, and long term care of its secret sufferers.
"Any veteran who has spent any time in combat or has been a victim of military sexual trauma should be aware of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and be screened for it."

Camp Eagle Press, Inc. is a veteran founded nonprofit organization which promotes the education of military related PTSD. Its president is Donald Loomis, who can be reached at (951) 247-3828 or


  1. Will have to check this book out. I have always maintained that PTSD/TBI deserves Purple Hearts. Maybe with enough people like this author, it will happen.

  2. I do not think that it will happen, Purple Hearts for PTSD. I think it should, it would lessen the stigma.

  3. Purple heart? Doubtful, most of us are seen as cowards that just couldn't take it.

    I don't know how many time I have gone to the VA and have recieved rude treatment from OIF vets that happen to work at the VA. Just because I am not missing an arm or a leg doesn't mean I am less of a vet.

  4. To Ayahme, Absolutely! I go most of the time with my husband because I do not mind at all to give them a piece of my mind. My husband is an ass, but he tries to be nice at the VA. Why? They will just walk all over you. Biggest mistake they EVER said to my husband was "so you have a mental illness like personality disorder?" WTF? I jumped down that man's throat and did a tap dance in his lungs. Amazing enough, never served so what does he know? Don't let ANY of those morons treat you any less than what you deserve. Show them the PTSD side of you...maybe might make them think twice.

  5. Well one can hope that purple hearts could be given...maybe time for a separate award. Disabled American Vets give the "Silver Rose" for Agent Orange vets with illness stemming from it. It would help with the stigma. What a shame our men and women have to hide all this and feel like they have no where to go. Hopefully, our children will not have to struggle with this "stigma" if joining the services....I guess I should start singing the Coca-Cola song now huh? "I'd like to buy the world a coke...and sing in perfect harmony..."

  6. Mistress,
    You are hiliarious. Sometimes I try to be so lady like! Those jokers haven't seen me on the days I have slept in yesterday's clothes, or my hair is coming out for not being combed.

    A little about me...
    I fall in the MST portion of PTSD. A soldier sexually attacked and beat me whislt I was sleeping. I tried to tell the drill about it, but I was too distraught to speak to him clearly. I did not claim for 13 years. I hate that it has a separate name. Had a blog a few months back, but deleated it because my illness was overwhelming.

    I did almost 15 yeares in the Army, five of those in the Reserves. Was deployed under Joint Endeavor/Eagle. Injured during that event now have a slight limp. Showed

    PTSD ruined my marriage(s), spared my children(thank God), ruined my career as a nurse. My Army career...I not goin to let it run my life.

    VA rated me at 50% for PTSD/diassociative disorder/moderate short term memory. One of my most worst diassociatve states, i was sleeping in my car at the VA. My Psych Dr. took one look at me slammed some papers down and said...u need more see this person!

    Currently off meds, trying to have child with new(est) husband..

    Purple heart..not sure. But a rose would be nice...

    I am so glad i found a soft place to fall in this blog



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