July 12, 2010

Rules for Combat PTSD Change within the VA Today

Obama Chronicles writes,
In the weekly address, President Obama outlined how his administration is making it easier for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to receive the benefits they need. These new changes in the Department of Veterans Affairs take effect today.

We Combat PTSD Veterans, had to ‘prove’ we were in combat, even though I was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB). I applied 7 times over 15 years before I was diagnosed and starting receiving care and treatment.


  1. **insert eye roll here**

    Like this will make much difference.

  2. lol, how about a shoulder shrug? Hey policy has to grow up too! I'd stick my tongue out, but that may misconstrued as childish! Poop head! ;)

  3. I know I know...but being in the position I have been in the last three years....I doubt this will change anything. I feel this is just a ploy to answer the outrage over suicides and murder-suicides. There will just be a different colored tape that Veteran's must break through. Different rules, same game. Just my opinion though!! If it changes anything for the better, then I will kiss Obama on the bum for sure.

  4. You are absolutely correct!!!!! Which is why we need to keep our arsenal of resources UP TO DATE! NOW, I have to go and review that crap and then write about how to do it now...when I do know how to do it NOW...so, yeah it sucks...but, didn't your old man tell you, that they told him, that they change everything in the military as soon as you learn it?? lol, same with the VA baby, lol.


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