July 31, 2010

Jesse Dayton: I'm Coming Home

I came across this video by one of the members on Facebook page, it really hits home the striking difference we tell others we are OK in the field right before battle. When in fact we are under the most duress we have ever faced, until we bring it home with us.

I remember a similar conversation with my wife, I told her I was OK and she would not hear from me for several weeks. To not be alarmed, I was OK. I told her she would receive a letter to open it and read it, I did not tell her this may be the last she would ever receive. We were instructed to do this, we knew this was our last good bye and it felt like it. The tension was in the air, she knew I was going into combat under the hail of gunfire, bombs and hellfire. I said good bye, she did not cry, yet I knew she would collapse after the phone line went dead...

Thank you Positive for being there for me, may God bless you,



  1. It is always hard when it could be the last conversation. It was not meant to be the last conversation between you and mom for you are here just as she is strong. an

  2. So true, I understand that now, but both your mother or I believed it was the last time then. It was a pivotal time in our lives and I had never acknowledged this to your mother, so I had to let her know.


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