February 9, 2009

Some Quotes and Passages From Previous Postings

I have compiled some clips from past articles to expose you to some of my writings with links in the highlighted text. I will be posting more snippets over the next week or so. I hope you will find some inspiration and more insights into he mind of a combat veteran.

Their formative associations have been left back in the field of combat and killing, where they have left part of themselves with the ones not going home and take with them the guilt of leaving (Warrior Archetype).

As we looked upon each other in anticipation, with our trigger fingers itching, we knew that this would be a heavy fought battle with many casualties. Both sides in a bid for life within a surreal cloud of apprehension, waiting for the order to fire (A Soldiers Conviction).

Later in the next day we received an account of the engagement. A brigade of foot soldiers had been trying to surrender and we killed them (Are You Saying That You Killed People in Cold Blood?).

My self discussion dribbles on about we, our, them and I as it were a fight for me (Searing Images Sheaving Surreally).

PTSD is a life-long endeavor…The triggering traumatic….The mind has been rewired….converts the fight or flight response in the primitive portion of our brain. Imagine having that scared feeling…the adrenalin rush, the mind racing, heightened senses, and the hyper response reflex to react without thinking (Experiencing PTSD).

This cognitive binding can be triggered by situations that require emotional response, trusting issues, and really just about anything that requires thinking (Zoning Out).

…the heavily imprinted traumatic axonal entrenchment supersedes conscious thinking processes and the mind seeks behavior reminiscent of the initial trauma. The hyper states of PTSD once engaged result in the continuation of the dominate neurological processes (Battling PTSD).

Dissociation is a tightly woven boundary around the Id, keeping out emotions and people by placing concentric circles within reach and without access (Feeling Dissociative?).

Today, the only thing you can change is your behavior, by changing your behavior over time you can change your thoughts and your feelings (Thoughts, Feelings & Behavior).

We spread our light into their darkness to evoke that which envelops the tormented spirit with sparks that spread like wildfire (One Small Candle).

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