February 1, 2009

To The Soldier or Veteran Who Has Lost Their Way

I can understand and appreciate the precarious position you find yourself in. It can be a horrendous feeling to loose a powerful position such as being a soldier. Professions that hold a high public trust have plenty of prestige and respect as part of the package. The loss of identity tied to a vocation that commands an elevated sense of purpose due to a psychological malady can impinge upon the individual. The public can deny forever the stigma, we who live this know the doubt and disappointment in the eyes of former colleges and even strangers upon learning of the wounds received.

You deserve to be a complete person, to enjoy life, to find your true self, to be who you are. Your past life is a part of you, not who you are, just who you used to be. Mourn this loss, doing so can help you let go of your past personage. Look deep into self and find who you were meant to be, this can become an opportunity to explore and discover your destined path. When we take the journey God has laid for us, he will provide the opportunities to expand our composure and place those who comprise our spiritual communion of endeavor to assist us so.

Accept what has happened to you, take responsibility for your feelings, it is OK to feel the way you feel, you are not your feelings. You do not have to act upon your emotions, they are what they are, they are not you, but only a part of you.

Our illnesses and pain, physical or otherwise, seeks to hold us up inside of ourselves and our homes. This will only increase our grief. You will have your pain wherever you go, so go, do something for yourself. You have served and done your part, let others do the sacrificing, now you have your journey to begin.

I have found my former anguish to be a strength today, people who go through the fires of hell develop a unique set of skills. Beware for they can become a burden if we succumb and enmesh them within without transcending.

Find people that have had similar experiences, they have been waiting for you, they are there, look for them.

Integration of all our skill sets, beliefs, values and potentials entails a lifetime journey, the sooner we accept this the sooner we can embark. Reject nothing of yourself, for without all that you are, you cannot move forward and begin to find hope.

I am here for you, come back when you can.


  1. Let the journey begin...

  2. This is a wonderful, heartfelt outreach to those in need. Can you send it for publication somewhere else as well? I wish all vets could see it. Is there a magazine, or website, or...

  3. Spread the word! Sometimes my pieces make it to the national scene. To no avail on this one though.

  4. I posted a link to it on my blog. If I come up with other sources I'll do the same.

  5. Hey Peg, did I say that I think that you are one cool chick? Well, ya are!

  6. Thanks so much for this site,my wounded warrior is very ill and even though he moved out after telling me he felt no emotion or attachment to me,I'm still trying to be supportive&this site is very helpful.

  7. I am here to do exactly this, to let others know of how devastating PTSD can be. He does not feel anything for anyone not even himself, this thing cuts us off from everything.


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