February 17, 2009

Signed Sealed and Delivered Packages of Quotable Quotes

Digressions diluted diligently. This to you can Quote me on. I kind of feel a bit like, somewhere in me, I am well. Narcissistic? I have been told that this may be part of the traumatic responses and defenses. Did you buy that?
Long after the war ends, the battle still rages (Veterans and Problems With Attachments to Significant Others).

We live in a world society that dissects everything into an dichotomous orgy of categorical righteous indignation (To Ignore Our Humanity is Deal in Death and Destruction).

I am here to tell you, the guy who stabbed me in the throat was trying to kill me (More about me and other digressions).

In the mix, blood pounds through the veins and I received a powerful sense of completeness that I still chase today (We Cannot Make it Through the Confines of Our Minds Without the Help of Others).

In loosing my attachment to the troop-organism, I unconsciously reformed that attachment on the one thing that I could take home with me, my guilt (I Was The Driver, On Point For The Division, So I Saw It All).

Thinking patterns and processes underlying our everyday activities and greatly influence our beliefs and emotional states. If we cannot examine them we will be led by them (Dedicated Soldiers, Combat Values and the Shattering of a Mind).

…read further into my blog you just might find some understanding and compassion for the broken spirited warriors who were not lost in battle but destroyed in mind (Leave Judgment at the Door Upon Entering).

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