August 15, 2008

One Small Candle

It is better to light one small candle them to curse the darkness ~~ Confucius

When one inflames a candle, an aura of light shines beyond its occupied space. Carrying into the darkness billowing beyond the blackness, engulfing the dankness and spreading its benevolence. In this way an individual springs forth an illumination of mankind when they endeavor in helping another achieve beyond their means.

To elicit change in another requires an ignition of their soul to forge a new way. People have been creatures of habit since time immortal; we will cling to despair with that having been the culmination of our experiences. For without learning something new and conditioning ourselves to it, we do what we have done the most. We must change our way of thinking to evoke an alteration in our behavior.

The hardwiring of the brain keeps our functioning within a form of automaton, an evolutionary mechanism to cope with every day tasks. In our habits we find a familiar way of engaging life with our laborious repetitious actions; a form of meditation, a massage of the familiar to feel comfort within the rigors of existence. By doing so we can delude ourselves into believing life to be static through which we hold onto old ways as a means to pacify ourselves and others.

Upon the ignition of the tranquillized soul we initiate a new way forward through creative and imaginative means. A way out of the chains that bind their souls; we give them the key to unlock their anguish and help them move beyond adapting to what ails them. We spread our light into their darkness to evoke that which envelops the tormented spirit with sparks that spread like wildfire.

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  1. Thank you,
    when you mention evolution mechanism, do you mean physically, spiritually or both or something else?
    Thanks! Jennifer


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