August 29, 2008

My PTSD Catharsis Channel

My writing here triggers me on a continuous basis with the issues of combat and war. I have had therapy for years to move beyond all of my core issues except my war experiences. It took me "growing" up through the cognitive-behavioral restructuring of my childhood to adulthood within the safe place of therapy. When I started writing this blog I began the "therapy" and reintegration of my combat and wartime issues.

I have had social skills training, cognitive restructuring therapy, anger management classes, coping skills training, values identification and the list goes on. I needed all these pieces of armor to face my war issues. This place for me here has become my sacred communion with the world, God directs my words and deeds today. I try my best not to get in the way of myself and his work.

Prior trauma can prime the veteran or soldier and put them at greater risk of developing PTSD and mental illness. I say both "PTSD and mental illness", because within the spectrum of mind fracturing lays depression, psychosis, dissociation, schizophrenia, and a myriad of other psychopathy.

Not all veterans will need intensive preparation before therapy, as many soldiers have received a solid family life in adolescence where they have learned most of these skills. Individualized attention needs to be given to each veteran or soldier as they have had different life experiences which impact the way combat and trauma affects them.

A thorough assessment considering these elements can determine where to start with therapy, counseling and the techniques that will be most successful in your particular case. Look for a therapist that you trust, one that will listen and guide more than talk.

Not all therapies will work for everyone, if something does not seem to be working let the therapist know. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy was what worked for me as I needed an intensive concentration on most fronts of reintegration.

Today I use this medium as my PTSD catharsis channel.

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