August 16, 2008

Dr. King's Light and my Emergence

I wrote this in 2001 about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a hero of mine. This paper was written at the beginning of my convergence and symbolizes the subsequent emergence of my true path. Dr. King had the courage to face the world:

Dr. King was assassinated in the year that I was born. His journey did not end on April 4, 1968; it was the beginning of his eternal message of hope. It was his contemplations of ancient to modern philosophies that aided his understanding of the message that he felt compelled to deliver. Which was the rediscovering of oneself. The form of his martyrdom would be solidified on this basis. His connection with spreading the word of "Rediscovering precious values" (Estate of Dr. King, documents), gave him a basis for wielding forgiveness, that being one of these virtues and his greatest asset. His belief of moral implications inherent in the universe, a universal law of right and wrong, held him on his path to enlightenment of the world.

In a sermon addressing his uncle's church at Detroit's Second Baptist Church, Dr. King said "We don't jump off the highest building...because...[the] law of final,...If we disobey it, we suffer..." He spoke in a sense of a lost generation. That we have an attitude of being owed something and warned us of filling this void with material things, which could lead us to stumble over what is not within us. He commanded that we fill our selves with the integration of the mind and soul, to commit to being a complete identity. To live as a human being means to develop into more than we are, through a cause connected to who we are and what we become no matter the consequences of these moral virtues.

In his last speech Dr. King talked of the threats against his life, without saying the words he found forgiveness for his fellow brother who snuffed his life. He found the place in his heart that allowed him to become more than he was, to demand for his dreams to take place among the stars. He became one with the universe as a noble being and claimed our brotherhood for all, through his first consideration of being.

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  1. While doing the researching for this paper I read about a man whose inner struggle for identity reintegration had become a movement of a generation.

    His self transformation became his mission of equality and reconciliation of a nation torn in two.

    Dr. King was an inspiration for me and a model for my rebirth.


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