August 9, 2008

An Honor

I have been been getting increased traffic and interest to my site and message. I have been invited to post in a blog that has a considerable following. CJ from A Soldier's Perspective contacted me about being a contributer. Check out their blog, it has a much needed collective voice of veterans and active duty personnel communicating on various subjects pertaining to a soldiers perspective.

I found their blog awhile back by googling different combinations of words to see how far up my blog comes on the search engine. I was surprised to find that another blog had a similar name, the similarity in names was purely coincidental. I had written a paper for one of my psychology classes and used that paper as launching pad for my blog. I took the title of this paper as an inspiration in naming my blog.

Thank you CJ for the honor of letting me post articles in your blog as it greatly expands the potential for exposure and adds another avenue to send my message to the public.

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  1. We're the ones who are thankful. And if you know of any other Soldiers looking for a voice, send 'em to us.


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