May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Death

Photo by Scott Lee
I feel torn, I understand people's elation with Osama's death. But, I do not feel that way. My only thoughts have to do with the 30% of veterans coming home with PTSD, maybe now we can call these wars a success and get the hell out of them.

Remember, before you get pissed at me for not reacting the way you would. My sister was on the 33rd floor of tower number two, she ran down 33 flights of stairs in under 18 minutes to turn around and see the second plane hit 44 floors above where she was. And, I contributed to 30 confirmed kills. So, I got some wiggle room on how I want to feel here, can ya tell I'm angry? Yep, that's it. I am just angry.


  1. As you know, I will never forget that day and the years that followed for as long as I live. I watched so many die that day and some faces I still recall. I remember the face of the firemen who was helping a women who was short of breath. I lost count of how many firemen where running up the stairs while everyone else was running down. I remember the faces of the injured and some of the dead as I exited the building. I managed to get through the falling defrie field from the second plane and exscape to a safer location a few blocks away. I remember the faces of the people watching a TV through a store front window. The repeated images of the towers falling down. I saw my face through the windows reflection and just felt num. As if I had just died.
    So for me, this day is not full of elation, rather it is a day to remember all thoughs that have past, and thoughs that have served.
    Sorry Scott, I think I got carried away, a little. Now, as you said, we should end this war and bring our troops back home. And actually rake care of them. Such things as imploving the services for PTSD, both quility of the support and availibility of those services.
    Love you Scott
    Hugs Michelle Lee

  2. I love you too Michelle, I am glad you made it home that day.

  3. I've been reading through many favorite blogs tonight. It's good to read someone else who's not jumping for joy. Kudos to the SEAL team, but no elation over this ending. A lot to think about today. Agreed, bring our troops home sooner rather than later, and provide the care they deserve.

  4. Thank you LTRN, it's overdue.

  5. Feel however you want, soldier. It's your God given and constitution affirmed right. But by the same token, I'm pleased as punch that the bastard is dead and is no longer a threat to the freedom loving people in this world.



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