May 6, 2011

The Forced March

I was sitting here thinking about what it cost me to march 13 miles carrying 50 pounds of gear plus another 50 in ammo and water for my Expert Infantry Badge (EIB) march or marching 100 miles through the thick German forest over five days carrying an average of 70 pounds of gear. One foot in front of another, no quit, short-term goals of "that next tree," or the next click...if I can just get there. I only fell out of once in basic training at Fort Benning Georgia (Home of the Infantry!). I NEVER FUCKING LOST MY WEAPON! Oh, they tried. You just march on through. How about a 172 hour forced march through 3 countries with no sleep? Yeah, that forced march!

But, I did loose my mind and that I am told is our biggest weapon...

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