May 1, 2011

New for March: Place in my Heart Where I Hold Sacred Memories

Place in my Heart Where I Hold Sacred Memories
Ok, update. Since last week I have been in communication with my sons and that "insecure" part of me has been abated, it is good to talk to my sons. It sure does give me much energy and hope for the future. This entry is not going to be long, I am working on an article I will title "Anatomy of a Flashback." Where I will blend personal experience and some scientific stuff too. I plan on taking some more new photos to be used in future posts, kind of running short on new material.

Oh, and also I hope you like the redesign (I happily obsessed for hours, lol). This photo was taken inside a quaint cemetery at my Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown, KY. It, as of right now, has become a physical representation to the place in my heart where I hold sacred memories. Maybe, a possible future site of cleaning rituals...hmm, something to consider.

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