August 18, 2010

We Gave the You, Joe Public the Right to be Condescending and Judgmental

This comment came from a reader from the article Combat Veterans Bring the Monster of War Home: The Story of SGT Travis Triggs, I tear Anonymous a Kentucky Fried Ass Whooping!
One cannot take human life (murder/kill) and remain normal. It is impossible. Life is sacred and it is a gift given to us by God. No one has a right to kill another. That is why we have the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" regardless of what governments, or individuals tell us.

We reap what we sow. It is painful indeed.
We reap what we sow?

sow - to scatter (seed) over the ground for growing. To spread (land, for example) with seed. To strew something around or over (an area); distribute something over. To propagate; disseminate: sow rumors. To scatter seed for growing.

sow (one's) oats/wild oats, to indulge in dissolute or licentious behavior, especially to be sexually promiscuous, when young.

Usually used of men (from

Now, to employ such a devious and licentious projection (psychological term...go look it up) onto Combat PTSD Veterans labeling them as deviant. Now, I must ask you this. Do you know the suffering of a Combat PTSD Veteran who by no action of their own, barring signing a piece of paper, who feel the burden of a nation on their shoulders and nowhere to go because the system is already overloaded with Combat Veterans. It has been estimated by the Federal Prison Bureau the 10% of the American jails and prisons house veterans. The last time the incarcerated veteran population was in double digits was 10 years after the Vietnam War. We are now in double digits and the war is not over!

We do no have enough resources to help our warriors come home safely...never mind who started what and your personal opinion of the war. These men and women are not some hard statistic for you to say "Damn shame, they got it coming though for what they did says so in the bible."

They gave you the freedom to be condescending and judgmental! Painful indeed? Seriously? Sounds like you have no idea what such pain feels like, talking about it in such a flippant and caviler way!


  1. Hi Brother,
    I have to deal with idiots like this all the time, who know nothing about my life or what I have gone through my whole life (you know what I'm talking about). Most of these people read from there book and take what they read so literal that its a shame they can't have a thought of there own. On top of that, they tend to ignore many verses that would just make there life uncomfortable. It's sad that they have to be so condescending and judgmental.
    I, in now way can tell you what a soldier goes through after returning home, but I do know PTSD is no fun. I suffered from it since 9/11 (as a civilian) and I can tell you it's not something I'd wish on my worst enemy. These people need to mind there own damn business and let these soldiers get the help they need to survive.
    Sorry Scott for going on a rant, but as I've said I deal with this type of stuff all the time, to the point I sometimes wonder why I have not just given up and just ended my life. But NO. I REFUSE to let these zealots control my life, and I hope that the soldiers and family reading your blog can do the same.
    Love Michelle

  2. Hey sis, thank you for venting. This in one of the things we do here, cuss the gov't and rage against idiotic people and the stupid silly shit that people engage in. No need to apologize.

    I have a new designation for civilians who have been there and done that, I call them Patriot Citizens. Michelle, I name you a Patriot Citizen for your suffering and successes. You are a guardian and continue to serve your community, for that and surviving the Towers coming Down.

    To think that you fled down 30 flights of stairs after hearing God tell you in your head to RUN! It is a miracle that you live today, 3 heart attacks. You are here on this earth to do God's work; just be who you are, continue to serve your community and stand up for those who cannot.


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