August 14, 2010

Combat Vet Seeks VA Inpatient PTSD Treatment Hospital 19 Years After Combat

I am on a waiting list to go into a Combat PTSD Inpatient Hospital, some of the numbers being thrown around are 30-90 day waiting period...Seriously? Really?

It should come to no surprise to me - well, until I have to go through the damn hoops with the VA, AGAIN! I will keep everyone posted - Talk about fucking barriers to care...fuck me.

Upon admittance I will not be writing at PASP for up to 3 months, my therapist thinks it is important that I focus on me.


  1. I am here for you Scott ~ hang in there. The "system" is FUBAR'D . . . we all know that.
    You are a pillar of strength - you can do this.....HUGS, Sue

  2. Hey Sue, we have had a long haul haven't we? Thanks for the virtual hugs.

  3. will you be shutting this down for that time? I know they wanted my husband put into this program, but I don't know how we would do it for that long....the wait here is much much longer than 90 days. Shame that once a vet decides yes, I want to do this...they must wait.

  4. It is a shame, when vets ask for help they are at their wits end - and then have to wait for months...they want to know how to fix the suicide problem...fix this and I bet the rate gets cut in half.

    There are programs out there that the VA can contract with to help with beds. Put half of the money for research into this and we will see results on the faces of our veterans families.

    I will not shut down the site, but I will not write here for the time I am at the treatment facility. Will be weird how this thing evolves without me for three months...hopefully readers pick up on more of the conversation.

    I am going to try and get more writers before I go. If I can get two or three more writers and everyone writes at least two articles a week then we should be good on content.

  5. Where are you located? The trauma and PTSD program at NYPSI in New York offers free PTSD treatment to combat veterans and there is no waiting list. You will receive fantastic care there!


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