June 14, 2010

When a Combat Vet Asks For Help: To the Struggling Combat PTSD Vet

I Want YOU to Care About PTSD
Ilona Meagher via Flickr
When a Combat Vet asks for help, what does he receive?

Our loved ones do not understand us, we were trained to filter out many things that would not get us killed. Today we filter out speech, actions, intentions, expectations and the subtly of it begins to enchain the Combat Vets mind. The Combat Values structure tells him to question, to suspect, and to interrogate and that they hold a license to do what needs to be done. We become that which brought us home, the one thing she feared the most.

They call this being a good soldier in combat, but at home they call it Combat PTSD.
I am here, I have been where you are. You can find help from the many resources we have listed in the right column (Scott A. Lee).
From another conversation I had tonight where I was just refereed to as a professional blogger!!

My answer,
Shesh, don't give me to much credit, lol. I stumble along because I feel compelled to help others through what I have been through just as you. I may know how to stumble better, but stumble none the less I do...lol.
Follow the conversation as the Mistress gives a SGT in the military some sound advice and her opinion on searching for help when a Combat Vet asks for help.


  1. Stumbling with a vision, Scott. That's the most important thing!

  2. Lol, is it still only a vision if I hear things too?


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