June 11, 2010

New Look at Combat PTSD News Headquarters

Photo by Scott Lee
Hello Everyone!

Sitting here and want to dedicate this new look here at PASP, a redesigned mission required a redesigned website. We are gathering more forces and resources here at PASP I was getting overwhelmed with trying to keep track of it. Now, it is mostly finished. Polished enough to say WELCOME to PASP(1)'s new and redesigned look.

Its all about building on teamwork, information gathering, networking and pooling resources to institute a lasting foundation to help our loved ones who have returned in body return in spirit.

Don't panic! All the resources that I had plastered everywhere are still here. I moved them in the top right column under Resources and My Favorites. The PASP Resource Seal of Approval list the resources that I list as having effecting change on a social scale for veterans in their communities.
I love photography, so I am going to embark further upon my journalistic journey and will posting more of my photos. Interestingly enough, if you can believe it. I took this picture of the hand-seemed tin roof I put on this building 15 years ago, me and another guy over the summer. It will last 100 years.~~Scott
To those of you readers get this information from a feed, please if you find the information stimulating. Please, come to the site, its all new and join the conversation. We need your input to amass enough experience to help our returning veterans.

Photo by Scott A. Lee


  1. Looking good!! Very organized feel to it....Now you just need a smiling picture of you on there!

  2. Slick new look I'm diggin' it! And as for a pic of Scott smiling, coincidently, I am working on a post about how many spouses have pictures of their significant other smiling since they came back from combat. I'm having trouble finding any of hubby unless he was drunk when the photo was taken!

  3. D...I have ONE. He didn't even smile at the birth of our last son. How many do we have of ourselves that we are smiling...me? One. Hahahaha.

    Alrighty Scott....now here is the mission...to get the CCPB photos!!!

  4. Ah, good idea. A CCPB family photo album. I can download old pictures, I do smile, just not when I am taking the picture. The problem with my family pictures I was the one usually taking the pics, convenient huh?


Please share your comments, stories and information. Thank you. ~ Scott Lee