March 19, 2009

I Write As I Am

Here in this blog I will be trying to relate to the public how a person navigates life with PTSD and how it interrelates to my everyday existence. If you disagree or do not understand, that is ok, sometimes I disagree and do not understand this arraignment within myself. The nature of structural dissociation of the personality leaves us with great conflicts within that can overwhelm our cognitive machinations and not only confuse others, and many times ourselves.

Many chronic sufferers have had childhood traumatizations, in the last two post I have been writing about my experiences and memories of such as it relates to my combat experiences. They have been muddled together and have not separated within the arraignment of my personality. Both have intertwined to wreck havoc in my today, as I have suppressed my past and now they find their way forward.

I write as I am, at times I find myself quite lucid and others not quite so. So if you find yourself confused, please ask for clarification and I will try and help you understand what I find to be confusing myself...

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