January 3, 2009

Update on Me, My Life and Chaos

I have been talking with some veteran advocates from around the country looking into the possibility of starting a veterans court here in Louisville, KY. I start a practicum at the KY Advocacy Program to serve indigent clients. I am certain I will run across some veterans in the course of my activities within the court. I just completed a class in social work and the law, my professor is well connected with the legal system here and everything seems to be coming together for the perfect storm and flurry of new found inspiration and direction by Gods hand. For who else could arraigned things so intricately so as to see no other way than to do his bidding? Yet, for most of my life I have missed his guidance most of the time.

School is getting ready to start and I have been doing some recuperating from all the writing that I have been doing over the last six months. The last paper that I wrote took a lot out of me, I struggled to write all the way till the deadline. THANK GOD for deadlines! Speaking of deadlines, I think that I have been doing everything at the last minute this past semester as a means to seek out chaos and engage the hyper-states toward dissociative states.

Well, such is the life of a combat veterans drama, at least today I can realize, accept and not let my chaos become me.


  1. I am thankful for your writings.As a mother it hurts to read these.I especially am thankful for advice used by my daughter-in-law to further educate herself on PTSD and followers of her blog jpldefense@blogspot.com. I am also thankful that you have continued your education and are productive. It is quite admireable.Thank you for serving.

  2. Thank you for confirming my mission and your compliments on my continuing education.

    I have been in contact with your daughter in law since day one. We have talked at length about how life chooses and the resistance we have with His choice for our purpose.

    I told her that she has been chosen to fight this fight and become an advocate for the veterans who bring the war home and end up in prison or jail.

    She is a courageous woman.


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