July 22, 2009

Catch Me Live on KFJC 89.7

Check this out, I have been invited to do a a Radio Show at KFJC 89.7 FM in Los Altos Hills California. I believe it will a live on the air interview at 7-7:30pm California time and 10-10:30pm Kentucky time. I will be discussing the difficulties our soldiers face while reintegration back into society.


  1. Congrats Scott! I know you will do an outstanding job. Wish I could hear it locally.
    Sue Lamoureux

  2. Congrads Scott, I also know that you will do great. Proud of you brother.

  3. Thank you all, I will receive a copy of the piece and will post it here.

  4. Update, the interview will prerecorded and aired at a later date. I will keep you updated.

  5. Hey scott,

    I did a test listen to our interview. It recorded well. We did it in one take. Yeah!
    Now I have to edit..I haven't had a chance to talk to Paul Sullivan yet from VCS. Hopefully, next week. I'll keep you posted. take care...

  6. Thank you Lorraine, looking forward to hearing the recording. Putting it on YouTube was a great idea. Be blessed.


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