February 28, 2010

Combat Vets Wife Angers Her Husband: I Feel Shitty, Oh So Shitty

I unintentionally upset my husband last night, the details of which are inconsequential to the emotion behind this post. When I left the house for work he remained behind sitting alone unconsoled. I was so mad at myself that before going into the Jail I sat in my truck, grabbed a scrap of paper, and frantically scribbled out my frustration.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.... so enough said.


  1. I had a question that I thought could better be answered by you and this post illiterates how a significant other may feel when teetering on this precipice.

    "Could you sometime share your thoughts on something I often, as a sig other, wrestle with - the difference between being supportive of him, and enabling him."

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  3. PTSD Book: Free to veterans and their families


  4. I assume that would be free to *American* Military veterans and their families ...


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