March 5, 2010

Signature Wounds, A Scott Gaulin Documentary


This is my video submission to Scott Gaulin's "Signature Wounds" project. It literally only took me a few minutes to record and I threw in some stills on top of the video. I am soliciting your input on his behalf, to help make his project not only a successful one but one with a real voice, powerful and compelling enough to affect change.

Scott is a journalist from Texas. His documentary is being sponsored through the Kiplinger Fellowship Program and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs. It is centered around spouses and families struggling to cope at home when a loved one returns suffering from combat PTSD or TBI. He needs our help in collecting as many personal stories as he can from across the country from spouses, children, siblings, or parents of veterans. His website Signature Wounds supplies all the details you will need to contribute to this wonderful cause.

The following is an extract from his website:

He would like you to share your personal experiences not those of your veteran. It should offer some insight into you; how you cope, what your experiences are, changes in your family's life after PTSD.
  • The story can be whatever you make it; it’s your story. It can be a recollection – how was life before the deployment, or the day you first met.
  • It can be about a coping technique or hobby that calms and centers you.
  • If you’re an artist – it could be a conceptual work such as a painting that represents your emotions.
  • It could be song you’ve written, a page from your journal or a more traditional narrative.
He can take video, audio, a photographic submission, a drawing, a painting or handwritten letter. He encourages you to be as creative as you like. Visit his website and add your voice to the magnificent chorus I am hoping we will create.

This is an awesome opportunity....and if you need help, let me know and I would be willing to work out any of the technical issues that might stand in your way of contributing.

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