April 14, 2009

This is What I Thought to Say as He Walked Away

As some of you may know, I attend college at the University of Louisville. I park my car at the stadium parking lot and have to ride the bus to classes and back. When I climbed on the bus, in front of me I noticed a young man that had a Marine lanyard hanging out of his pocket. I wanted to tell him welcome home brother...But, I did not do so. Instantly my mind went to what I would say if he said his brother or sister was a marine...

This is what I thought to say as he walked away...

To all who lost a brother, sister, mother, father, son or daughter. Thank you for your sacrifice. Your continued devotion is not a hallow loss. You sustain their honor, to carry the torch of service to this great nation. By doing so you illuminate their enduring service to this country.

Your servicemember died for a cause they once believed. Carry this cause for they have laid down their lives so that you may battle on.

I will never forget you.

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