September 16, 2008

Operation Warrior Quest & Battlemind Training

I have talked about how the military needs to start programs for soldiers reintegrating back into society. Well it seems that they took my advice, ok maybe it was not quite my advice. But possibly the vibrations of my good intentions were felt?

Over at A Soldier's Mind, a blog worth checking, out they have chronicled the starting of programs to aid in the reintegration process.

The pilot program, called Operation Warrior Quest, will combine sports that are considered “high adventure sports,” such as skydiving, paintball, ropes courses, rock climbing, mountain biking, stock car racing, skiing, and others, with the Army’s Battlemind Training. The program is designed to help the Soldiers readjust to the calmer pace of life back in garrison or “at home.” The idea is that the high adventure sports will be a way to attract Soldiers to participate in the program, as well as serve as a release mechanism that will allow them to obtain the adrenalin rush they’re craving, yet at the same time, do so in a controlled environment.
Here is the link to the full article: Readjusting To Life Following Deployment

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