June 9, 2012

Memory and PTSD

I have lost large blocks of my memory, so much so that I have to rely on loved ones to piece my life back together. The more people share with me, the more memory I am able to regain. But, many still remain out of reach. Much like our childhood memories fade, except last week is foggy and a couple of years ago mostly I can't recall. Unless triggered by talking with someone, then a flood of memories come like they were always there. Kind of unsettling when not expecting it and can trigger other less wanted memories that only nightmares can dream.

by Scott Lee
The same with my combat experiences, once I researched my unit movement the memories of the individual engagements began to come back. There we so many for three days straight night and day one after another without a break. Imagine gearing up for a fueled up  three day binge on energy drinks and playing "The Greatest Tank Battle in the History of War" video game where you drive an infantry vehicle at  the tip of the spear for your company and brigade. It's a nonstop meat grinder and you get to lead your tanks into position, just under our Apache's hellfire rain. The night sky's a red glare illuminating the exploding carnage as you weave through a hail of enemy artillery.

Now, multiply that sugar and herbal remedy rage beyond a pure adrenaline wave of controlled ride through combat and, now. CAN YOU IMAGINE FORGETTING ANY PART OF IT?

Know of a veteran that needs help? Send him or her the link to this site as I detail how to prepare for therapy.

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