January 9, 2012

Darktimes Indeed

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bootsw onty the ground
My response,
Darktimes indeed, check it out,

I was a Bradley Driver who witnessed thousands of deaths in 100 hours. I was the Bradly Fighting Vehicle Driver ON Point for the 3rd Brigade, 1st AD. The 1st Brigade and the 2nd Brigade boxed the enemy Division in, then I led 5,000 men through and we killed them all!

Go ahead research what my unit did, I dare you. I led our tanks and infantry through a meat grinder; with over 20,000 enemy kills in 100 hours. I had a front row seat.

I drove for seven days straight without sleep through the biggest tank battle in the history of war. I watched people be vaporized, over and over again. I never saw the explosive force of an IED, but I did save a private from stepping on one of our air dispersed anti-personnel mines though.

This shit ain't even half of it, You hear me?


  1. Mr. Lee. First and foremost allow me to apologize for subjecting you to my drunken rant. I came off as a fool and did the one thing that no vet should do; challenge another's combat experience. It was wrong and crude and I again apologize.

    I have been struggling with ptsd recently. It comes and goes. I've just now started trying to deal with it and it seems to be a bigger can of worms than I thought. I had actually just gotten off the phone with a vet to vet line and was online looking for ptsd resources. Of course in my alcohol fueled state I was angry. I did the cheap thing and found an easy target to project my anger at. Again, I apologize. Luckily my computer was still open to your page this morning and I was able to see my unfortunate mistake. On the other hand, I have been reading your articles and will go through the pasp links to see what I can find. Again, sorry for insulting you and basically showing my ass.

  2. Darktimes, thank you for the apology I appreciate it. I need to apologize for not handling your tirade better. I have been struggling of late also. I would suggest going to a VA inpatient PTSD program, look for the ones that have Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). I went to a program in Memphis TN and was able to come to terms one of the most troublesome aspects of my war trauma. Again, I am sorry for the terse language I used.

    Welcome Home brother.

  3. Welcome Home...Both of you. 40 years ago I returned home from RVN. I'm still a work in progress because of PTSD and the VA just recently decided that I actually qualified for a disability. I remind myself each day its another day, another opportunity to succeed. Thanks to both of you for serving.

    1. Thank you Chris, it took me 19 years to get the benefits I deserve. Keep working on it brother, Welcome Home.


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