July 29, 2011

Politics Aside, We Must Meet the Needs of Our Combat Affected Veterans

Photo by Scott Lee
We have been divided long enough, we must all work together to triage the oncoming wave of combat veterans struggling to readjust to peace. With the war’s end soon, we will have war fighters with plenty of time to think and begin to process the multitude of deployments and traumas they have experienced.

When we come together across bipartisan and ideological lines to make cooperative compromises and sacrifices, our veteran’s families and communities are strengthened and the fabric of our country becomes more whole.

The rates of PTSD and suicide will skyrocket in the following 10 years, even exponentially after the war’s end, if we do not do something now. We must mobilize our drive for innovation and creativity to meet the needs of a massive relief effort to help ‘combat affected’ members of our communities thrive in their new environments at work and home, before they are lost in the sea of Combat PTSD and TBI.


  1. I hope you are wrong about those predictions

  2. I think the dour warnings will come true if we do not address the issues our veterans face, the Gulf Wars have put an exclamation point on the tremendous amount of strain on the military and its veterans. Recently the military has begun to address the issues, in 10 years we will still see a resilient fighting force. The VA has improved vastly from the the hospital system of the past, the turnaround of projects and implementation of treatments and services has accelerated.

    But, it is not enough to address the oncoming Tsunami of Combat PTSD. This will be addressed by veterans working together through reciprocal partnerships and networking to coordinate resources and meet the veterans needs in their communities. These partnerships are maturing into non-profits with the resources to help the military family become a veterans family.

    We are setting up these networks across America now, the online media phenomenon has facilitated a gathering of forces. We are coming to a town near you.

  3. You are completely right. I want to be a part of this movement. Our vets are being abondoned in jails.

  4. Anony, you can join us in one of the local organizations in your town or city. They are spreading across America!


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