April 14, 2011

Surrender Hill

My Trauma Account Re-write, dated March 7, 2011:

After driving for 48 hours straight without any sleep...I was the point vehicle and a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Driver for the 3rd Brigade for the 1st Armored Division. I was responsible keeping an eye on our 2 other brigades (approx 5,000 personnel in each brigade) and keeping us within sight of each other. I remember the weight of such a burden, of course I told myself the "I can do this", "I am the man for the job!" That responsibility was put to the test on or around February 13, 1991, the day before my youngest son was born.

I was drilled on recognizing silhouettes for months prior to our deployment and I tested with high marks. That night after convoying for 2 days straight I saw the silhouettes on our left flank - {God, how I constantly trace shapes, I am obsessed with it.}

OK, ground rules of therapy notes and symbols:

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So, got that? Or am I still being too obtuse?

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