September 18, 2009

Update on Prazosin for my PTSD

This drug has made a world of difference to me in treating my PTSD. It helps with the major symptoms during the day and affords me a more restful sleep at night. I have been taking Prazosin for about six months now and have had my dosage raised to 6mg, 2mg in the day and up to 4mg at night. Depending on my sleep patterns, stress level and social situations I will either decrease or increase the dosage within the 6mg a day range as needed.

One issue I have experienced with this medication has to do with my memory. When I take the higher doses, I cannot for the life of me remember anything, including names of people I associate with on a daily basis. So, I weigh the costs when taking the larger doses. Am I overly stressed? Did I not sleep well the night before? Do I have to write a paper for school, or have an exam?

Another issue has to do with a dream/wake state. At times I will experince the feeling of dreaming when awake or have a memory that I cannot distinguish from a dream or the waking world. During such times I will remind myself and contribute the symptom to the medication and in doing so the episode expires.

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  1. Hi,


    is something you could look into. Here's an article on it:
    This drug prevents migranes..also takes lots of the PTSD away, depression, anxiety, helps with substance abuse,etc., a regular "snake oil" thing: you'll lose some weight at first.
    You can take it with the prazosin ..
    so you'd need less prazosin and therefore your memory might improve..
    also for sleep (I didn't see your medicine list anywhere)sleep you can try:

    Zaleplon (sonata),

    these meds I list gave me hardly any side effects..the zaleplon the VA special orders so you have to ask specially...or else they usually give out ambien which I heard gives bad side effects.


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