August 15, 2009

Round and Round the VA Merrygoround

I am doing the, "Hey not in my backyard" thing with the VA again. I go to one therapist in an attempt to be admitted to the PTSD program and they tell me, no, that I am depressed to go see another therapist. It took me 2 months to see this one, then I get another appointment, and then, they tell me to move on down the road. Now at the VA getting in to see a new therapist. So, now I have to wait to see another therapist and guess what? Yep, you guessed it, another two months, add this up, 5 freaking months.

I know that I am depressed AND I know that my PTSD is kickin. Treat PTSD in one clinic, depression in another.....this is madness! No wonder veterans do not come back to another appointment.

Wait, did I just go into a tangent? I was trying to say that I want to go through EMDR therapy, it might take me another 5 months to receive it, but THEY will not get me to turn away!! Thats all folks a little help here please!!


  1. I am working with a Vet who needed treatment for PTSD, but the VA told him that he had to get his undiagnosed bipolar under control first. So, he did that. When he went back to get help with PTSD, because he's "better" they are saying that he doesn't have PTSD. So, he's ended up with me, and we are working on BOTH at the same time. WOW, what an amazing concept. He's so frustrated.

  2. Don't give up. It is worth the wait. Can you try another hospital or clinic?

    What about a private therapist?


  3. Scott -- I've become a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I'm working with several Complex PTSD cases and all are making astonishing progress. I have NLP friends who work with vets and see great results. Have you thought of trying this alternative? I doubt the VA offers it but the industry is pretty reasonably priced.

  4. I have considered a private therapist for a while now. I had one a couple of years ago and called him, he said he was not taking new patients at this time. At the VA I have put in paperwork to fire my last therapist, but the problem now will be I cannot see a new therapist for about two months. Meanwhile I struggle day to day.

  5. Scott,

    Have you considered a therapy dog to help with the PTSD symptoms. They are trained to work with such symptoms as:

    1. Anger and irritability.
    2. Startle responses to sudden noises or movements.
    3. Extreme anxiety and panic attacks.
    4. Depression.
    5. Social withdrawal and self isolation.
    6. Nightmares and sleep disturbance (nightmares are often flashbacks to combat and are experienced as very real).
    7. Zoning out or dissociative spell
    8. Bring medicine
    9. Call canine 911

    Susan O.

  6. Susan, I had never considered a therapy dog. I never thought that I would need one. But since you suggested it I have been looking into it. The process looks daunting.


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