October 22, 2008

I Would Like to Introduce 'Family of a Vet'

I read a comment on my article “A Prisoner of My Beliefs” over at A Soldier's Perspective, and went to check out the web site that was referenced. I was dually impressed with the informative articles on how to deal with a combat veteran and the life that entails. An honest and engaging snapshot of what the veteran and family faces, I think the relevance of this site extends to educating the families of soldiers, veterans and to the general public.

A much needed straight forward educational experience for struggling families, that were not informed of what they probably will face to some kind of degree from full blown PTSD and its effects or the adjustments and changes in our solders and veterans. I wept and laughed as I read the shared antidotes delivered with as much humor and obvious emotion splashed throughout with advice and stories.

The central message seems to ring true with mine as well, to inform our veterans and families that they do not have to share this burden alone. We have been through it and want to help others see their way through to the strength that can emerge and wish others to share in our triumphs and tribulations so that we all can rise above and prevail, and along the way hopefully someone who does not understand or comprehend the combat veterans plight that they too will begin to grasp what PTSD can do to a person, family and their community.

I invite all to check out Family of a Vet, a wonderful web site with true to life information for families that share their lives with a combat veteran.

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