November 17, 2009

Finding a Therapeutic Framework for Trauma-Based Disorders

I received a comment last night from Jeannie and thought that this would have a wider application to those of us who seek treatment for our trauma-based disorders. Talk therapy is an extremely useful tool when utilizing a proper framework with a trauma-based philosophy, which is beyond the scope of this posting. So, intimacy in a therapeutic framework is where I want to go. Without establishing this environment with a therapist we could run the risk of intellectualizing our trauma and not actually internalizing it. To internalize our trauma and absorb it within our consciousness is to finally find freedom from a foreboding foe.

To all of you who are seeking help with ptsd keep on working at it. My years of sexual abuse hapened over 50 years ago (I'm 62 years old) and I have lived my life with more then my share of ad bad choices, bad decisions and worse choices in relationships.

I would like to mention that finding the right right therapist and the right treatment is like tring to find the right pair of jeans. If the fit between you and your therapist isn't working it's not your fault...the fit just doesn't work. Please don't give up. Seek referrals and don't be hesitant about requesting an informational interview.

PTSD therapy is about as intimate soul bearing as it gets. It is imperative to find the right person to help you through the process.

EMDR - just had my second treatment and I am truly amazed. If the light bothers you then you can close your ears and just listen to the beeps.

My comment,
Jeannie is absolutely correct. It is imperative to find the therapist that you can connect with. The nature and structure; the kernel of trauma-based disorders rest in the most recessed parts of our minds. We will not be able to access this information properly if we do not bond with our treatment provider. To begin the journey of recovery we must find a therapeutic window into our minds substrate. Without developing intimacy between your this would not be possible. This could take several appointments, please be patient you deserve it.

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