December 12, 2017

On the Issue of Transgender People in the Military

Let me break it down, if you are here to learn or share. If you are here for nefarious reasons, I reserve the right to make fun of you. To educate the masses, of course.

All of the arguments against transgender people serving have already been answered. It's true. Hold on, let me explain.

It's the same arguments used against all minorities before they were given the same rights. They did the same to African-Americans, and women, serving in the military in the first half of last century.

Then they questioned the wisdom of women in combat decades later. And AGAIN, recently in combat roles such as the infantry and special forces. Women grunts serve today. The same tired arguments will soon be put to rest.

But, before I get into why they should be openly allowed in the military. Let me say that transgender people go through, arguably (if you are a bigot, or racist, or have hate in your heart), the worst public shamming, ridicule and violence. Add family rejection, the transgender population suffers from a high rate of suicide.

If it was a choice, they would just change their mind, rather than kill themselves. People who are transgender have to be tough to stand up and openly identify with who they are, with the opposition coming from all directions.

They did, do, and will make fierce warriors.

I would argue that transgender people have served since the beginning. LGBT people use to serve under the "Don't ask, don't tell" doctrine. Before that? Well, they didn't tell then either.

LGBT Marines, soldiers, airmen, seamen and Coast Guard hid their identity until Obama said they could serve openly. Then 45 tried to take it back until the courts, rightly so, shut him down. Now, here we are debating what's already been debated, and proved.

No one is calling for different standards, so take that argument where it might get a bite. The same argument was used against women. The military did not reduce the standards for women in combat roles. I reject that bait, trolls.

If you still insist on questioning the wisdom of transgender people serving in the military. First, I want you to consider that you might be a racist or bigot. Hold your judgement till the end, please. If that doesn't capture your character, and need some more clarification. Please read on.

For those of you confused by the terms;

A transgender person is someone who identifies as the opposite sex they were born with. Not all trans people take hormones, or transition. Most transgender people only transition half the way, as hormone therapy is cheaper than surgery. Also in some states the laws keep people from transitioning, and or delay the process for years. Plus the stigma and fear. Some, they fully transition.

A cross-dresser is a straight (yes, straight men wear dresses), bi or gay man that like to dress in women's clothes. I have never heard a transgender person call themselves a cross-dresser.

As for the medication argument;

Say a straight soldier, he or she, has a medical issue where they start producing less or more of one hormone. He needs testosterone replacement therapy, so that he will not grow breast. If he waits too long, his hips and face will also start taking on a feminine shape.

Or, say a female soldier started producing too much testosterone and grew facial and body hair? She too risks waiting too long, her face and body structure will begin to morph from the increase in muscles.

Would you deny that, straight soldier, a hormone treatment they needed to appear the sex they identify with? You will not die from this condition (answers you give may determine, if you have a tenancy for bigotry and racism - you can change).

Also, think about this. The military is having a hard time filling slots. They are opening all positions to everyone in order to make their quotas. If they cannot maintain readiness, they will have to institute a draft.

Equality for all is a basic human right.

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